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ChildServ’s Auxiliary Board

The members of ChildServ’s Auxiliary Board play an important role in promoting and raising awareness of the great work being done at the Agency. The Auxiliary Board provides fun, philanthropic opportunities to support the Agency’s programs and mission to help at-risk children and families build better lives and achieve their potential.

To learn more about our Auxiliary Board, contact Andrew Dohan at adohan@childserv.org or (773) 867-7328.

Lisa Alvine
Taylor Anderson
Greg Bales
Trupti Brahmbhatt
Kimberly Brisky

Kesha Burch-Sims
Pearson Burris
SJ Chapman
Ryan Croke
Danielle D’Alessandro
John D’Alessandro
Kalen Daniels
Maggie Dolehide
Shawn Dorgan
Courtney Eccles
Chima Enyia

Katie Fanella
Emily Guglielmo

Melissa Hampson
Ron Holmes
Michael Houlihan
Melody Huang

Zach Hunsinger
Jaci Kator
Rahul Kalsi
Craig Key
Alex Koglin
Luke Kotowski
Dave Kurczewski
Alisha Leveston
Imani Lewis
Michelle Lopez
Ashanti Madlock-Henderson
Brie Mazz
Lara Mbayed
Nicole Minzey

Julie Mirostaw
Katherine Morrison

Mike Mullaney
Mike Murray
Joanna Obrochta
Kendall Partridge
Emma Petit
Andrew Petrie

Dana Popish
Ryan Power
Chrissy Pringle
Annette Robinson
Sid Sabharwal

Bria Santiago
Brent Sears

Scott Selinger
Danielle Selvais

Taylor Spontak
Danielle Stanley
Paul Streubling
Hope Tackbary
Elizabeth Taylor
Anjana Vish
Sukmeke Watkins
Megan Wessels

Jenny Wolfe
Lailani Workman
Erin Wymore
David Yontz

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