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Foster Care Case Manager - Chicago Southside

Job Summary Foster Care Case Managers perform case work services for children and families in regular, specialized or home-of-relative foster care programs. Our Foster Care Case Manager:

  • Meets the clients’ environmental and psychosocial needs
  • Implements a permanent living plan for each child 
  • Builds and/or manages a caseload of foster care providers. 

Job Qualifications:  

  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Human Service, Psychology or similar degree from an accredited university. 
  • DCFS required examinations and certifications including the DCFS Child Welfare Licensure, CERAP, CCA, 402, CANS, & SACWIS.
  • Maintenance of required driving standards, plus insured automobile that meets standards of safety and driving required.
  • Must be able to perceive the needs and responses of children and the capacity to work well with adults.
  • Ability to organize work and prepare required reports. 
  • Flexibility and willingness to work evening and/or weekend hours, if needed to carry out job responsibilities.
  • Basic computer skills and knowledge of Outlook, Microsoft Word required. 

Contact: Childserv HR
Apply By:
Saturday, December 31, 2016

Youth Care Workers – DuPage County

Job Summary: Youth Care Workers provide for the physical and emotional needs of the young adults in ChildServ's residential group homes located in DuPage County, and perform the following duties:

  • Work with Group Home team to ensure performance of team duties and to receive supervision.
  • Responsible for supervising and monitoring residents. 
  • Enforce and maintain consistent policies, rules and licensing standards. 
  • Work cooperatively with other staff in planning and supervision of recreational and leisure time activities within Group Home and community, assisting in planning and carrying out of therapeutic activities for assigned clients. 
  • Make frequent decisions regarding residents' activities and behaviors
  • Know whereabouts of each resident at all times and coordinate movements of each resident. 
  • Maintain directions for use of all mediations and alert manager to any need for medical attention.
  • Exercise control over admission of visitors and use of telephone. 
  • Maintain proper privacy and security of residents and staff on duty.
  • Teach and assist residents in improving life skills, i.e. maintenance of their rooms and assigned areas of home, proper personal hygiene practices and meal preparation and clean up. 
  • Perform required record keeping for daily logs and resident files, intakes and discharges. 
  • Maintain CPR and First Aid certifications. 

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Services or related field from an accredited school.
  • 1-3yrs experience with teens in a social service setting required.
  • Minimum age requirement is 21. Must posses good organization, decision-making and judgment skills.
  • Must be flexible and willing to work weekend and/or evening shifts & holidays to meet staffing needs.
  • Must be able to work with the adolescent population and be able to maintain confidentiality.
  • Basic computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Word required. 
  • Maintenance of required DCFS driver approval standards and an insured automobile that meets standards for safety. 
  • Veterans are encouraged to apply.

Contact: Childserv HR
Apply By:
Friday, December 30, 2016

Part-time Parent Coach - Chicago Southside

Job Summary: Under the direct supervision of the Clinical Supervisor, the Parent Coach is generally responsible for providing agency and community‐based parenting services, including parenting classes, assessments, and individual consultation. In conjunction with other foster care and clinical staff, the Parent Coach:

  • Coordinates and implements various sessions as it pertains to parent coaching, parenting classes, assessments, and groups held at the agency and in the community. 
  • Conducts follow‐up calls with parents, families and class/group participants. 
  • Completes pre/post test with parents to evaluate their level of need. 
  • Provides supportive services to increase the parents’ level of parenting. The re-test will be administered every six months as a means of assessing progress and to coincide with the Individual Treatment Plan Review. 
  • Observes parent/child(ren) as a part of the parent coaching process. 
  • Records and keeps program statistics. 
  • Maintains client confidentiality. 
  • Assists in development and implementation of overall program procedures. 
  • Participates in bi-monthly supervision with the program manager. 
  • Attends program and agency‐wide staff meetings.

Job Qualifications: 
  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in human services field. 
  • Proven knowledge of basic computer skills and office equipment. 
  • Experience in human services or related field preferred. 
  • Working knowledge of Parent‐Child interaction and child development required.
  • Bilingual proficiency in English/Spanish preferred. 
  • Access to insured auto required.

Contact: Childserv HR
Apply By:
Friday, December 30, 2016

Human Resources Unpaid Intern - Chicago OHare Location

Internship Summary: The Human Resource intern will work very closely with the Human Resource Manager, providing support in the following areas:

  • Contact candidates to schedule interviews & managing applicant tracking system
  • Post jobs on various job boards and track when the jobs expire
  • Assist with tasks associated with monthly new hire orientation
  • Develop and administer surveys to managers and employees
  • Track recruiting metrics and generate reports as needed
  • Send/track email notifications to referrals and interviewed candidates
  • Creating diversity/monthly awareness calendar and activities

Internship Qualifications:

  • Candidate must be currently enrolled in a college or university, pursuing an undergraduate or graduate-level degree in Human Resources or related field
  • Must be team oriented with a high level of professionalism
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task
  • Computer proficiency in MS Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of Paylocity preferred

Contact: Childserv HR
Apply By:
Friday, December 30, 2016

Marketing Intern - Unpaid, Chicago OHare Location

Internship Summary: ChildServ currently seeks an energetic, thoughtful and committed student for a one-day-per-week internship position in marketing. The intern's primary role will be to:

  • Update program descriptions and develop marketing packets for general agency marketing
  • Create a cache of client stories for marketing and development purposes
  • Help to implement marketing outreach plan for early childhood-focused programs
  • Help to implement marketing outreach plan for foster parent recruitment
  • Assist with social media outreach to raise brand and program awareness
  • Write and distribute PSAs and calendar listings regarding foster parenting
  • Assist in writing newsletter pieces
  • Assist with marketing and organizing of gift drives for children in need
  • Provide assistance to development coordinator, events coordinator and grant writer
  • Other duties, as needed

Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Creation of student’s portfolio of writing samples and materials for future job interview use
  • Project management experience
  • Editing and developing business collateral materials
  • Business writing experience
  • Success story writing experience
  • Public Relations outreach experience
  • Event management experience
  • When available, networking opportunities in the social service and business sector


  • Receive regular supervision with Vice President of Resource Development and Director of Marketing and Communications.

Internship Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate student, graduate student or recent graduate in marketing, public relations, English, journalism, public affairs, political science or related field
  • Strong written and oral skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Excellent computer skills including Excel, Word and Power Point

Project responsibilities will be tailored to the individual's skills, talents, and interests while offering hands-on experience impacting the success of marketing on behalf of ChildServ's mission, which is to help Chicagoland's at-risk children and their families build, achieve, and sustain better lives.

Contact: Childserv HR
Apply By:
Friday, July 29, 2016

Bilingual (Spanish speaking) Child Care Coordinator - Lake County

Job Summary: ChildServ's Bilingual Child Care Coordinator develops, coordinates and monitors activities of the Family Child Care Homes program in Lake County.

  • Visits home daycare providers monthly, ensuring compliance with DCFS and IDHS guidelines.
  • Completes client assessments, service plan and developmental screenings for children enrolled in the program.
  • Maintains case files for enrolled families, including proof of monthly visits, children’s medical records and clients' service plan.
  • Provides case management services and makes referrals for additional community resources.
  • Recruits eligible parents, prepares applications and income redeterminations for IDHS; obtains necessary income documentation, verifies payment rate with employer if under the legal minimum for Illinois, and ensure compliance with current IDHS income standards.
  • Reviews client information within IDHS system (IDACS) and records in Worker Compensation and Child Support Enforcement offices, contacting local IDHS caseworker if there discrepancies exist between application information and IDACS records, including more than 20% discrepancy between income calculation and IDHS information.
  • Approves or denies applications and income redeterminations according to IDHS guidelines and send electronic applications and income redeterminations to IDHS in ten days
  • Updates billing and client records, sending, printing and filing copies of approvals to child care providers for clients' file.
  • Prepares client folders and enter client and child care provider information into EVOLV database.
  • Sends monthly invoices to parents.
  • Collects and deposits parental co-pays.
  • Prepares IDHS billing records and pays contracted childcare providers for the number of eligible days enrolled children attended care.
  • Enters assessed and paid co-payments in monthly billing and client records
  • Sends copy of receipts and checks to ChildServ's Finance Department, keeping records of payments and deposits for five years.
  • Sends end-of-year statement to clients with summary of payments to ChildServ for tax purposes.
  • Facilitates open communication between parents and providers regarding child’s adjustment/development, serving as mediator if problems arise.
  • Collects and reviews children’s attendance forms from child care providers, keeping attendance records for five years.
  • Reviews payments from IDHS, corrects MER records and helps re-bill for attended days not paid by IDHS.
  • Manages the number of children enrolled in program according to IDHS-contracted budget.
  • Coordinates work of program interns and volunteers.
  • Completes/renews contracts with DCFS-licensed home day care providers.
  • Organizes and arranges for monthly trainings and development activities for home daycare providers.
  • Completes record-keeping and statistical information in an accurate, timely manner, providing information requested by IDHS for contractual renewal.
  • Monitors and develops program evaluation initiatives.
  • Maintains knowledge of current practices and trends related to early childhood programs.
  • Participates in review process and other internal and external audits and site visits.
  • Remains current in position- and/or client-specific competencies.
  • Actively participates in continuous Quality Improvement initiatives and activities.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Services or similar degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Ability to fluently speak, read and write in Spanish.
  • Experience working with children and families in a school or program setting.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Basic computer skills required, especially Microsoft Word and Excel. 
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative when necessary. 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills (English and Spanish) required. 
  • Insured automobile required. 
  • Financial background in billing preferred.

Contact: Childserv HR
Apply By:
Friday, December 30, 2016

Residential Group Home Therapist - Downers Grove, IL

Job Summary: ChildServ seeks a Residential Group Home Therapist for young women in Downers Grove, Illinois. A Residential Group Home Therapist:

  • Provides direct service diagnosis, treatment planning and therapy to assigned clients. 
  • Administers individual and group therapy to assigned clients 
  • Oversees intake process. 
  • Performs intake diagnostic assessment using case consultation and/or DSM IV. 
  • Develops treatment plans, providing therapeutic treatment. 
  • Provides clinically-appropriate outreach services, according to case plans. 
  • Reviews case plans quarterly.
  • Assists in promotion of program to possible referral sources. 
  • Participates in regular clinical consultation, and provide consultation to staff as needed. 
  • Carries 24-hour pager on a rotating basis to assist in crisis intervention. 
  • Assures that clients receive quality, professional services per directives of the Council on Accreditation, NASW Social Work Code of Ethics, ChildServ and accredited, recognized groups. 
  • Follows agency policies and procedures with respect to program services and management. 
  • Meets Medicaid billing requirements.
  • Maintains records and statistical reports, as required. 
  • Oversees and assist in client’s use of psychiatric consultants and medication management, coordinating collateral therapeutic services.
  • Provides clinical training to staff at least twice every month. 
  • Supervises family visits. 
  • Attends hospital and other staffings.

Job Qualifications: 

  • Master’s degree from accredited college or university in clinical counseling/therapy required.
  • LCSW, LCPC or the ability to become licensed within six (6) months of employment required. 
  • Minimum one (1) to three (3) years of direct service experience with adolescents. 
  • Ability to appropriately maintain confidentiality, exercise discretion and use sound, independent judgment.
  • Must have a perceptive awareness of the needs and responses of adolescents and the capacity to work well with adults. 
  • Evening and weekend hours required.
  • Meet and maintain DCFS driving standards.
  • Basic computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Word required.

Contact: Childserv HR
Apply By:
Friday, December 30, 2016

Grand Family Support & Military Case Manager - Chicago Southside

Job Summary: The Grand Family Support and Military Case Manager performs casework services for children and families in our Military and Grand Families Homes programs, meeting the clients’ environmental and psychosocial needs.

  • Responsible for conducting monthly home visits or more frequently as the program requires.
  • Provide casework services to children their parents and/or guardians.
  • coordinate or keep collateral contacts and services as needed.
  • Work cooperatively with other agencies and service providers in the performance of casework duties.
  • Prepare, maintain and provide documents and reports of cases.
  • Complete data entry into client management systems.
  • Consult and review cases with supervisor and follow the proper course of action.
  • Participate in on-going training
  • May recruit and screen potential clients.
  • Work effectively with multi-disciplinary team to do what is the best interest of the child/family.
  • Facilitate groups, complete assessments, service plans, referrals, and service coordination.
  • Assist families with financial literacy and home management services.
  • Ensure families access public benefits.

Job Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Human Services, Psychology or similar field of study from an accredited college or university.
  • Maintenance of required driving standards.
  • Insured automobile that meets standards of safety and driving required.
  • Experience working with military families and aging population preferred.
  • Ability to organize work and prepare required reports.
  • Flexibility and willingness to work evening and/or weekend hours, if needed.
  • Basic computer skills and knowledge of Outlook, Microsoft Word required.

Contact: Childserv HR
Apply By:
Friday, December 30, 2016

Systems Analyst - Chicago/OHare Location

Job Summary: ChildServ seeks a Systems Analyst for our Chicago/O'Hare location. The Systems Analyst will perform the following duties:

  • Maintains all ChildServ management information systems (CS-MIS), including their databases.
  • Analyzes CS-MIS system data, and develop reports as required by the system users, and outside organizations. (Self-paced and structured training on these systems will be provided.)
  • Trains and provides on-going support to end-users who operate the CS-MIS systems.
  • Handles upgrade coordination and module installation as required by software suppliers.
  • Develops and implements security schemes, work flows, and other procedures as directed.
  • Provides on-going support to data entry staff.
  • Sets up and populates application tables as required.
  • Tracks, reviews and implements system specific software updates.
  • Serves as liaison to software vendors, and software support teams at outside organizations.
  • Coordinates all activity with the infrastructure management team.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems or equivalent in education or related experience.
  • Database management and reporting skills, including ability to develop database queries.
  • Experience in maintenance of existing systems.
  • Knowledge of and experience in using report writers.
  • Experience in training and supporting end users of software applications.
  • Familiarity with the following computer systems:
    o Hardware: IBM-compatible and MAC
    o Software: MS Windows, MS SQL Server, MS Office, MS Access
  • Experience with the following systems is preferred:
    o Illinois Medicaid Billing System (Illinois Government System)
    o Homeless Information Management System (Federal Government System)
    o Evolv CS (Client Information System)
    o ISBE Web Application Security System (Illinois Government System used with the Illinois Parent Empowerment Program)
    o Paylocity (Payroll System)
    o SharePoint (Company Intranet)
    o FundWare (Company ERP System)

Contact: Childserv HR
Apply By:
Friday, December 30, 2016

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