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Support At-Risk Kids through ChildServ Holiday Giving Opportunities

As we enter into the holiday season, there are so many ways to give back to at-risk kids in our community! Please call us to learn about how you can get involved at 773.693.0300. You can...
- Send a low-income family a gift card through our holiday gift program. Email us at for details.
- Help play "Santa" for kids in need by carrying gifts to our UPS Santa Deliverers on December 11 from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.
- Support our special holiday crowdfunder for our early childhood programs at
- Choose ChildServ as your AmazonSmile charity of choice when shopping online during the holidays. 0.5% of your purchase will go to kids in our services.

Meet the Conners, a military family made stronger through ChildServ's Military Family Counseling Program

Anne and Kevin Conner* and their family of five first came to ChildServ because they wanted tchildservo learn how to cope with Anne’s deployment to Afghanistan. They knew that it would have an emotional impact on the whole family and wanted to prepare themselves.

As the deployment date approached, ChildServ’s Military and Veteran Family Counseling Program therapist worked with the Conner’s to help them understand what changes and challenges to expect in the days that would follow. The family received formal counseling sessions, which helped them deal with any emotional issues they were facing such as separation, loss, changing parenting roles, and communication.

Thanks to his counseling, Kevin was prepared when one of the children began acting out. He also had the opportunity to enroll himself and his daughter in ChildServ’s Parent Empowerment Program. Their family’s PEP parent educator helped their youngest daughter become better prepared for school and provided her with the extra attention that she needed in Anne’s absence.

Anne is still in Afghanistan and her family is waiting for her safe return home. At times, Kevin and the kids struggle without their wife and mom around, but with the help of ChildServ, things have gotten easier and they will continue to get better.

*For the family's privacy, their names and photos have been changed.

ChildServ President and CEO presents position paper on the state of at-risk youth in Chicagoland.
On April 30, ChildServ hosted a white paper presentation and panel on at-risk youth. President and CEO James C. Jones released the agency's position paper: "The State of At-Risk Children in Metropolitan Chicago: Ready by 21."To read "Ready by 21," please click here.

To view photos of the event on Facebook, please visit

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