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Family Foster Care

ChildServ’s Family Foster Care Program creates safe, nurturing permanent environments for children in substitute or out-of-home care. We secure placement for children and ensure that they are being cared for by dedicated foster parents in a loving home that encourages their learning and growth. ChildServ’s Family Foster Care Program includes both traditional and home-of-relative foster care.

Traditional Foster Care

  • ChildServ provides clinical, comprehensive case management, and therapeutic services for children who have been abused and neglected.
  • Our experienced team secures a stable placement in a licensed foster home that is appropriate for each child’s needs and continually educates, meets with and monitors foster parents.
  • In Fiscal Year 2013, we are able to help 31 children achieve permanency through adoption, guardianship or reunification.
  • Last year, 82% of eligible foster care clients graduated from high school.
  • Our case workers visit children in licensed foster care homes monthly—and more often in cases with greater need.

Home-of-Relative Foster Care

  • ChildServ’s placement team facilitates placements for children who need substitute care and can be placed with a relative, creating as little change and as much stability as possible for the child in our care.
  • Our staff ensures relatives receive the training and support that they need to address their emotional needs and give the best possible care to the children placed in their home.
  • Our goal is to create a permanent situation for the child through adoption, guardianship or a return to the child’s biological parent. 

ChildServ's foster parents say:

  • "I've learned the importance of giving care and love to these kids because they deserve all the love we can give them."
  • "There are many wonderful children looking for a family to love them."

Foster Parent orientations are hosted on the third Monday of each month at ChildServ - South 5401 S. Wentworth Ave. in Chicago. Please call 773.867.7323 for more information or to register.