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ChildServ’s Year of Future Leaders

ChildServ declares 2017 the “Year of Future Leaders.”

“Investing in the promise and well-being of children – our future leaders – ensures that they will achieve their potential and lead in their personal, family and professional lives,” said Dan Kotowski, President and CEO of ChildServ. “This declaration challenges our community, corporate and faith partners to do everything in their power to guarantee a successful future for all children.”

ChildServ’s “Year of Future Leaders” includes 12 monthly campaigns, engaging the public in unique and exciting ways to support children who are at risk.

For information about how you can get involved in our “Year of Future Leaders” and help children to achieve their potential, click here or call (773) 693-0300.

Our current campaign is called Readers are Leaders!

Since 1995, more than 7,000 children in ChildServ’s in-home, early childhood learning programs have become future leaders! Our evidenced-based curriculum helps children to reach their potential by encouraging parents to read to their children, building the parental bond and the child’s vocabulary. Research also shows that reading helps young kids to develop early math and critical thinking skills.

#ReadersareLeaders invites the public to take a photo of themselves with their favorite kids book to show their support for early literacy.

Check out our social media for the latest “Readers are Leaders” photos.

If you wish to participate, contact our Director of Marketing and Communications Andrew Dohan at or (773) 867-7328 or click here for instructions.


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