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Foster Care for Teen Moms

ChildServ provides foster care for teen moms. ChildServ’s Teen Mom Program is a specialized foster care program for adolescents age 13 to 21 who are pregnant and/or raising their own children while in foster care. Specially trained foster parents provide safe, nurturing and loving homes for teen moms and their children as they also mentor the teen moms in good parenting.

  • Our dedicated staff works with teen moms to help them find appropriate community resources for themselves and their children.
  • Our foster parents provide a sound environment for teen moms, bringing her support through social workers, foster parents, therapists, educators and health care providers.
  • Our caseworkers work directly with teen moms and their foster parents to ensure that new skills are effectively integrated into the teen moms’ daily lives.
  • We offer a privately funded support component, Phenomenal Woman, which teaches teen mothers community-building and works with them on enhanced life skills.
  • Our staff builds strong relationships with teen moms so they become accustomed to listening and learning, supporting and helping, and celebrating joys and gains, both for themselves, their peers and their children.
  • Our partners in faith communities provide generous support both as volunteers and in-kind donors to help teen moms succeed.
  • 91% of the teen mothers in this program have maintained custody of their own children.