Advocating for the safety and well-being of all children and families

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Be an advocate. Take action for children, youth, and their families. Without the concern and effort from people like you, children rank very low on our nation’s agenda.

They have neither voice nor vote and little political influence. Through its mission, ChildServ has established itself as a reliable advocate for children and families, working for justice in the use of resources and provision of services. We recognize and affirm the importance and potential of each child and are committed to working to create a supportive, nurturing environment at the family, community, state and federal levels. Families must have the essential resources they need to care for and help their children to reach their potential.

ChildServ’s boards, staff and volunteers work with coalitions on behalf of children and families who are at risk, promoting child advocacy in local congregations of the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church. The agency also participates in United Voices for Children, a coalition of the three United Methodist agencies serving children in northern Illinois and partners with organizations such as the Alliance for Children and Families, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Child Welfare League of America and Voices for Illinois Children.

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