Foster Care Programs:
Finding Safe, Loving Homes

ChildServ’s Family Foster Care Program creates safe, nurturing permanent environments for children in substitute or out-of-home care. We secure placement for children and ensure that they are being cared for by dedicated foster parents in a loving home that encourages their learning and growth. ChildServ’s Family Foster Care Program includes both traditional and home-of-relative foster care.

Traditional Foster Care

  • ChildServ provides comprehensive case management and clinical services for children who have been abused and neglected.
  • Our experienced team secures a stable placement in a licensed foster home that is appropriate for each child’s needs and continually educates, meets with and monitors foster parents.
  • Our caseworkers visit children in licensed foster care homes monthly – and more often in cases with greater need.

Home-of-Relative Foster Care

  • ChildServ’s placement team facilitates placements for children who need substitute care and can be placed with a relative, creating as little change and as much stability as possible for the child in our care.
  • Our staff ensures relatives receive the training and support that they need to address their emotional needs and give the best possible care to the children placed in their home.
  • Our goal is to create a permanent situation for the child through adoption, guardianship or a return to the child’s biological parent.

Project 90
ChildServ’s Project 90 Program (P90) provides a safe, nurturing and permanent environment for children who have experienced great trauma. Our program gives both the children and their foster parents the necessary training and support to ensure healing, personal growth and improved emotional, social and family function.

  • Children in our P90 Program, under the supervision of an experienced, specialized caseworker, are placed with foster parents based on their individual needs.
  • ChildServ’s caseworker meets with the client three times every month, and arranges regular therapy sessions and trainings to assist with the unique needs of each Project 90 child in the home, community and school.
  • Our staff facilitates a monthly respite of 15 hours for our P90 foster parents.