Invest in our Future Leaders!

Since 1995, more than 7,000 children in ChildServ’s in-home, early childhood learning programs have grown up to become future leaders. Our programs prepare kids to succeed in school and lead in their own lives by ensuring they reach developmental milestones.

As we celebrate 2017 as the “Year of Future Leaders”, we invite you to help us increase that number by joining our Future Leaders Sponsorship Program.

For every $2,400 we are able to raise, a child receives a full year of early learning services. Your contribution of just $20, $50 or $100 brings:

  • An evidence-based curriculum to help a child reach developmental milestones and be prepared for success in school
  • Book, crayons and other early learning tools to build critical thinking and motor skills
  • Connection and transportation to immunizations and yearly checkups
  • Referrals to community resources for parents, including financial literacy and job training and mental health and domestic violence supports
  • Monthly parent meetings and field trips for children’s social development and parents’ peer support.

Sponsorship is easy! Sign up to give a monthly contribution, and you will receive special mailings that give you updates on Danny and his friends’ progress in our early childhood learning programs.

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Meet our Future Leaders


Danny is 3. He’s a future leader.

Danny wants to be a policeman when he grows up. His favorite things are his toy police car and his Lego book, which he carries around the house all of the time.

Danny is one of ChildServ’s early learning all-stars in our Lake County 0-3 program. He is great at sharing and interacting with others, and likes to help his mom pick up around the house and take care of his baby brother.

Danny is on track to succeed in kindergarten. Over the past year, he has made great progress. Just last week, he built a toy train with blocks at his home visit. We know he’s going to grow up to accomplish great things.

Danny and his family have committed to helping him reach his potential, and we ask you to consider taking an active role in making sure that Danny continues to succeed and grow up to be a leader in his personal, family and professional lives.

Join our Future Leaders Sponsorship Program and help Danny to build a better life.


Natasha is four-years-old, and she’s a future leader.

Natasha’s a happy girl who can’t get enough of Dora the Explorer and loves singing along with Princess Anna from Frozen.

She started in ChildServ’s early childhood learning program for 3-5-year-olds last year after transitioning from our 0-3 program. Alicia, Natasha’s mom, has high expectations for her and continued with ChildServ’s program to ensure she was ready to start kindergarten.

Natasha and Alicia work every day to improve her language and gross motor skills by reading and doing activities such as making a ball out of paper and throwing it in a basket. She also likes to walk down her street and identify and count the color and number of cars she sees.

Your monthly gift, as a member of our Future Leaders Sponsorship Program, helps Natasha become ready for school and reach her potential!


Benny is a future leader. He is a happy 13-month-old, always smiling and laughing.

Benny’s been in ChildServ’s 0-3 early childhood learning programs in Elgin since October 2016. Soon after his enrollment, however, Benny’s grandmother, Victoria, began caring for him as his mother entered treatment for substance abuse.

Victoria noticed that Benny “just wouldn’t stand up” so in their bi-weekly, in-home visits, she asked Veronica, ChildServ’s Parent Educator, to show her activities that would help Benny develop the necessary motor skills to stand up and start walking.

Veronica introduced Benny and Victoria to an activity that involved putting Benny’s blocks, his favorite toys, out of his reach so that he would have to move to play with them. After a month or so of consistent practice, Benny is now able to stand on his own and take a few steps to get his blocks!

To help Benny and his grandmother continue his progress toward becoming a future leader, we invite you to join our Future Leaders Sponsorship Program.

* For their privacy and protection, our clients’ names have been changed.