Healthy Homes Program


ChildServ’s Healthy Homes Program builds the foundation of a healthy lifestyle for our clients – both adults and children — living in low-income areas of Cook and Lake counties. The program focuses on improving five vital areas of our clients’ health: nutrition, physical activity, stress, sleep and the establishment of a medical home.

  • Our bilingual (English and Spanish) Health Coordinators visit the homes of participants in our early childhood programs, free of charge, to assess each family members’ health needs and resources.
  • The Healthy Homes Program emphasizes proper nutrition through hands-on cooking and meal planning to build a balanced meal.
  • Clients improve their physical activity by creating fitness plans and receiving in-home instruction on daily exercises.
  • ChildServ’s staff works with clients to identify triggers, develop coping strategies and practice relaxation techniques to reduce stress.
  • We educate our clients on the significance of sleep, explaining good sleep hygiene and creating strategies for healthy rest.
  • Healthy Homes explains the importance of developing and maintaining a medical home, connecting our clients with a primary care physician; assisting them in utilizing preventative care; and transporting clients to clinics, if necessary.
  • Our staff improve clients’ knowledge of community resources, i.e. health fairs, public presentations, workshops and social media.
  • Healthy Homes remains in contact with clients either through additional personal visits or community-based activities to ensure the family’s success.